Chemical free home, Essential Oils

I wasn’t always a green momma … And by [green] I mean [sort of green]..

Let me start by saying if you are 100% holistic and green in everything that you do , then this might not be the blog for you. This is simply my adventure! I want to share my story and maybe even enlighten a few people along the way ! 

With that being said I can now give you some background . I believe the best place to start would be the day I had to decide what was most important to my family and what we could leave behind . This was the great Flood of 2016.

Yes our home flooded , yes we lived in a one man travel trailor for 3 months , and yes it changed my life . This blog is not about the flood and I will spare all of you the details , but what I WILL share with you is the flood gave me and my family a chance to start over – in a more holistic way . I had been using Young Living Essential Oils about a year before we flooded and had seen the benefits , but honestly the thought of replacing everything I own and changing the way we do things – well let’s be honest , what mom has time for that???

 [Sidenote: it’s easier than it looks, and it doesn’t have to be done ALL at one time !!]

Anyway, when we finally began to rebuild our home and move back in, I made the decision to make a change . I wanted a chemical free home, I wanted healthy immune systems, I wanted to raise happy minds and healthy bodies – I mean , what mom doesn’t want these things ??

This is where my story will begin . I started by throwing out every plug-in I had ever purchased , and every chemical that went with those plug-ins! I have a serious addiction to things that smell good , and I want it to smell good when I walk into my house. Seriously , have you ever walked into someone’s house and it smells like dog, or mildew, or old feet ?! That’s a fear of mine…

But seriously, I realized my family is inhaling all of these harmful chemicals that these plug-ins and air fresheners put off ! These aromas may smell nice , but what are they doing to our bodies ….Or our babies bodies?! First step was replacing the plug-ins with my Young Living essential oil diffusers . The benefits of diffusing essential oils are endless and benefit the whole family, as well as clean the air we breathe. Instead of breathing in harmful chemicals my family is benefiting from the oils I diffuse and my house always smells amazing so that’s definitely a plus !!

This week I want to share more about these harmful chemicals and share with y’all the greener, healthier options to keep your house smelling good ! By the end of the week you will see why I replaced all of mine and you might even want to replace yours ! Hey if you can take out even just ONE harmful chemical in your home , I call that a win for sure !

I’m ready to start my own Essential Oil journey!!!

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