#momlife or #toddlermomlife…

This morning I realized there is a difference between #momlife and #toddlermomlife. 

We woke up early , Tuesday and Thursday are our early mornings because right now as I’m building my business I am still working one of those 9-5 jobs [Except mine is really 7:30-5:30]. We were all dressed and eating as my toddler decided SHE wants me to take MY jacket off ! 

I was chilly and let’s be honest , I didn’t want to take my jacket off , but if any of you have a headstrong toddler you know that sometimes we MUST pick and choose our battles . So yes,I took my jacket off to satisfy her so I could finish getting ready for work. 

I walked into my room and put my jacket back on …[hoping she would have forgotten about her jacket obsession]. WRONG , she ran into my room all happy and excited , “mommy mommy- ” then she saw me . She saw ME wearing MY jacket . 😭😭😭 ” Nooooo jacket off!” . 

Wow… Yes I took MY jacket off again and stayed cold until it warmed up . The things us mommas do for our babies ..

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