#momlife or #toddlermomlife…

This morning I realized there is a difference between #momlife and #toddlermomlife. 

We woke up early , Tuesday and Thursday are our early mornings because right now as I’m building my business I am still working one of those 9-5 jobs [Except mine is really 7:30-5:30]. We were all dressed and eating as my toddler decided SHE wants me to take MY jacket off ! 

I was chilly and let’s be honest , I didn’t want to take my jacket off , but if any of you have a headstrong toddler you know that sometimes we MUST pick and choose our battles . So yes,I took my jacket off to satisfy her so I could finish getting ready for work. 

I walked into my room and put my jacket back on …[hoping she would have forgotten about her jacket obsession]. WRONG , she ran into my room all happy and excited , “mommy mommy- ” then she saw me . She saw ME wearing MY jacket . 😭😭😭 ” Nooooo jacket off!” . 

Wow… Yes I took MY jacket off again and stayed cold until it warmed up . The things us mommas do for our babies ..


Diffusers are the new [plug-ins]


That’s right, you guessed it! I replaced ALL of my plug-ins with 3 Young Living Essential Oil diffusers! [I did have 4, but during the flood one fell and broke] No worries though, most normal people would only need 1 or 2 diffusers in their home to be completely satisfied [let’s remember my smell good/plug-in addiction – hence the 4 diffusers].

I LOVE my diffusers!! My entire home smells amazing with just a little water and a few drops of ANY oil I pick! I think my favorite thing about the diffusers is that I can change the scents every day. I have certain oils I diffuse at night,and others I diffuse during the day, depending on my mood [or our mood as a family]. It’s amazing how diffusing oil can completely change the energy of the entire household.

As parents, my husband and I are dealing with teen girl hormones and terrible twos [we have a 13 year old and a two year old- both girls]. My point is, I diffuse an oil to get rid of “cranky pants”, and I diffuse an oil to clean the air [especially if there is something going around or if we are just getting over a sickness]. Sometimes I diffuse an oil to help with energy [especially if I’m cleaning or cooking], and every.single.night. I diffuse oils to help us all wind down and sleep better.

I have so many different combinations of oils I use to diffuse, and I am constantly trying new ones! I have saved my family so much money [let’s be honest those plug-ins aren’t cheap!], but most importantly I can breathe deep know the air is clean [plus it always smells amazing and the essential oils I diffuse in our home are beneficial to the mind and body].

Below are some of my favorite diffuser combos and what I use them for, if you have some of your own please share them! I am always trying new combinations, the possibilities are endless when it comes to essential oils!


This combo is diffused in the nursery every.single.night. This has helped Ava wind down, rest, fall asleep, and stay asleep every.single.night. [don’t get me wrong, we have sleepless nights every now and then – but this combo has been such a life saver!!]
This is my newest combo for when I need a little pick me up [especially if I’m cleaning or cooking] This lemongrass smells so clean and the EN-R-GEE gives me that boost I need to get things done!
Everynight I diffuse Ceaderwood+Lavender, it helps me relax, quiet my mind, and fall asleep. [Recently I started to add Bergamont, which smells SO fresh amazing!!]
This is one of my *FAVORITES* right now! I diffuse this when we are hanging around the house relaxing. [this is not a beach smell, it is tropical island – SO MUCH BETTER]
2 drops of each in my diffuser…goodbye cranky pants!

I’m ready to replace my plug-ins with diffusers!!

Thanks for reading!!

– 1greenmomma



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Why plug-ins [and other store bought air fresheners] STINK!!!

Okay so modern day air fresheners don’t LITERALLY stink, BUT have you ever thought about what chemicals you and your family are ingesting daily by continuing to use these in your homes?? What are all of those aerosol sprays, electric plug-ins, oil diffusers, and even scented candles doing for your health [and your family’s health]?

Let me start by saying it was EXTREMELY hard for me to give up my plug-in addiction. I had them in every room of the house, and they were ALWAYS filled! The amount of money I have spent on plug-ins and other types of air fresheners would probably give my husband a heart attack. [This was my gain plug-in addiction, which turned into a bath and body works plug in addiction, which lead to a scentsy burner addiction]. I know it seems harmless because these products SMELL GOOD, and who doesn’t want their home [or car, classroom, office] to smell GOOD when you walk into it? But I started getting headaches, and the smells were getting stronger and stronger. One day I walked in from work and instead of being hit by the fresh smell of laundry, I was bombarded with another headache.

I started doing my own research and once I realized what chemicals were in the air fresheners I realized, not only am I breathing in these chemicals every.single.day. But so is my family. No wonder I was getting constant headaches!! [frantic mom showed up and began to panic- have i shortened our lives 10 years?? omg will we all get cancer, what have I done???]

**Today if [frantic mom] shows up i just apply some STRESS AWAY or PEACE & CALMING, but this was pre-essential oils [remember i was in the midst of my plug-in addiction when frantic mom showed up!]**

Okay, so let’s talk about these chemicals. I’m not a scientist, this is my own personal research and I am going to explain it very simply and basic. So, I will break it down to 5 of the most harmful chemicals that almost all modern day air fresheners contain:

  1. Volatile Organic Compounds– [also known as VOCs] these include but are not limited to: ACETONE, ETHANOL, D-LIMONENE, PINENE, and ACETATE. Depending on the amount of exposure and the way your body reacts, VOCs can cause side effects including eye, nose, and throat irritation, nausea, HEADACHES!!! Long term exposure to these chemicals can even damage your liver, kidney, and central nervous system.
  2. Formaldehyde – Most of us are familiar with formaldehyde, or have at least heard the word used. It as a colorless, poisonous, irritating gas that with long term exposure can have side effects such as, sore throat , cough, scratchy eyes, and nosebleeds.
  3. Phthalates – Again, most of us know that these are bad having been linked to early puberty, autism, obesity, and birth defects.  It is important that you know it will not say [phthalate], it will say [fragrance] or [parfum.]
  4. 1,4 dichlorobenzene – this is another toxic chemical, its vapors can affect respiratory function and lung capacity.
  5. Allergens – Air fresheners are also known to contain allergens that can trigger asthma attacks and other allergies.

**There is much more information about these chemicals out there, but not many of us moms have time to sit and do the research [or sit and write about each chemical in detail], so I simplified it. If this isn’t convincing enough for you, i would urge you to continue to research the harmful chemicals that make up these modern day air fresheners and how continued use can be harmful to our health.**

Continue to follow my blog to find out what I replaced my [plug-in addiction] with and how it has benefited my family !

I’m ready to start my essential oil journey


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I wasn’t always a green momma … And by [green] I mean [sort of green]..

Let me start by saying if you are 100% holistic and green in everything that you do , then this might not be the blog for you. This is simply my adventure! I want to share my story and maybe even enlighten a few people along the way ! 

With that being said I can now give you some background . I believe the best place to start would be the day I had to decide what was most important to my family and what we could leave behind . This was the great Flood of 2016.

Yes our home flooded , yes we lived in a one man travel trailor for 3 months , and yes it changed my life . This blog is not about the flood and I will spare all of you the details , but what I WILL share with you is the flood gave me and my family a chance to start over – in a more holistic way . I had been using Young Living Essential Oils about a year before we flooded and had seen the benefits , but honestly the thought of replacing everything I own and changing the way we do things – well let’s be honest , what mom has time for that???

 [Sidenote: it’s easier than it looks, and it doesn’t have to be done ALL at one time !!]

Anyway, when we finally began to rebuild our home and move back in, I made the decision to make a change . I wanted a chemical free home, I wanted healthy immune systems, I wanted to raise happy minds and healthy bodies – I mean , what mom doesn’t want these things ??

This is where my story will begin . I started by throwing out every plug-in I had ever purchased , and every chemical that went with those plug-ins! I have a serious addiction to things that smell good , and I want it to smell good when I walk into my house. Seriously , have you ever walked into someone’s house and it smells like dog, or mildew, or old feet ?! That’s a fear of mine…

But seriously, I realized my family is inhaling all of these harmful chemicals that these plug-ins and air fresheners put off ! These aromas may smell nice , but what are they doing to our bodies ….Or our babies bodies?! First step was replacing the plug-ins with my Young Living essential oil diffusers . The benefits of diffusing essential oils are endless and benefit the whole family, as well as clean the air we breathe. Instead of breathing in harmful chemicals my family is benefiting from the oils I diffuse and my house always smells amazing so that’s definitely a plus !!

This week I want to share more about these harmful chemicals and share with y’all the greener, healthier options to keep your house smelling good ! By the end of the week you will see why I replaced all of mine and you might even want to replace yours ! Hey if you can take out even just ONE harmful chemical in your home , I call that a win for sure !

I’m ready to start my own Essential Oil journey!!!